At a distance of just 82 km from Srinagar lies the pristine valley of Sonamarg or The Golden Meadow. The drive to Sonamarg through the Sindh valley, on the Srinagar-Leh highway is considered one of the beautiful drives in Kashmir. Situated at a height of 2740 meters, Sonamarg offers one of the most spectacular vistas in Kashmir. Ranged by snow clad mountains, the undulating meadows are flooded with yellow crocus flowers in spring, surrounded on all sides by forests of silver birch, sycamore and pine trees.

The Sindh meanders through the valley, filled with trout and mahaseer. Here you can experience the true beauty of the Himalayas, unspoilt by human habitation. In fact Sonamarg town is the last town before Leh in Kashmir and during winter, the areas beyond Sonamarg are snowbound and impassable

Sonamarg town is not really a destination, it has always been a pit stop for travellers going higher up the valley. It’s filled with the bustle of tourists, trekkers and locals on their way to sights, heights and experiences. The true beauty of Sonamarg lies in the spectacular landscape, the sheer mountains sheltering the swaying fields of corn, the little houses nestled in between and in the warmth and hospitality of the local people.

Rah Villas is 70 km from Srinagar, roughly a one and half hour drive. You can book a taxi directly from the airport. We can even arrange a pick up for you if you inform us in advance (pickup charges are extra). In case you are driving to Rah Villas, then take the NH1D (Srinagar Leh Highway) going past Ganderbal, Wayul and Kulan on the way to Sonamarg town. Rah Villas is 12 km before the town on the same road.